A few things about Bernie Sanders and his campaign.

Hello, after the victories of Bernie Sanders in Washington, Alaksa, and Hawaii i felt it was time for me to adress a few things that to me are vital in my support for Bernie Sanders.

1. I think it is unfair to say that the race he is racing against Mrs. Clinton is an equal one. If you look at where he started:
                                                      ( source: Realclearpolitics.com)

and where he is today in the polls, it is fair to say he has worked his way to the top thanks to his message.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, got from day one of her campaign huge support. Now, you have to understand me well, i'm not saying that she doesn't deserve this support, but it gives Mr. Sanders a huge lag. And it is fair to ask the question if a part of this voters votes for her because they are familiar with her, and not perticuliar for her positions on the issues.

Till so far the voters. Then the Democratic party, because it doesn't come from nowhere that the debates ealierer in the race where plannend on dates that there wouldn't be an big TV-audiences. They thought that the race was already over before it had even begun. Hillary Clinton would be the nominee and that would be it. Because of this, Mr. Sanders had yet again to overcome an obstacle for his campaign only because of his anonymity.

I think, that if Mr. Sanders would have had the same amount of fame and attention for his campaign Mrs. Clinton has had from the beginning of the race, it would have been a very, very close race.

2 I can see why woman who grew up in a time in wich gender equality was something wich bearly existed, really want a Woman as President of the USA.

But i think that the people who say that voting for someone because of his or her gender is wrong are right.

Because, if you really want to show that gender isn't an issue for you at all, then you don't pay attention to it if your deciding who to vote for.

You just look at what the candidate has to say, en if you like him or her as an person.

Now that's real gender equality.

3 The big delegate lead of Hillary Clinton is by some voters viewed as an good argument to vote for Clinton, because they see no point in voting for someone who has according to them, no real chance to become the nominee. I think this is wrong.

I understand that the choice of voting between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is one between reality and imagination. Sanders message is one of: 'imagine that every American had an health insurance' and the message of Clinton sounds more like: 'We're going to pass comprohensive laws for the middle class'.

So: choose between your heart or your head.

I think that it is right to vote with your heart.

If you decide to vote for Mrs. Clinton because and you do this because you think: 'if i vote for hillary, then the Democrats will have an better chance of winning in the general election'.
Then i will say: i understand this thought, but in my opinion this is not the best way to decide who to vote for.

Because is you later have to justify to yourself and others why you voted in the way you did, then an answer wich sounds like: 'because i believed in what he had to say, and i wanted the same as he did' sounds better than: 'i thought that then, the Democrats had an better chance to win in the general election, even though i didn't agree with her at some points'.

 I don't say it is wrong, but only that is better to vote with your heart for your conscience.

So, for me that are the reasons to support Mr. Sanders in his bid for the Democratic nomination in the general election of 2016. I hope i was able to explain to you why i do so, and maybe even to convince you to do the same ;).

Elias Marseille

Ps: i am fully aware of the fact that my English is not that good, and i apologize if you thought something like: 'this sentence simply makes no grammatical sense to me'. I am still learning to be able to do that.


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