Why Bernie or bust is just not an option

After losses in New York and California it became clear that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t become the Democratic nominee. I can see why his supporters think this is sad. I can also see why they say that his opponent, Hillary Clinton had more help from the establishment and that the race was unfair. But i don’t understand why some of them now say: ‘it is Bernie or bust‘. Here is why.

First of all, Hillary Clinton has indeed some serious cons. The whole @-mail thing and her flip- flopping on some issues are things who make her not the perfect candidate. That’s the reason i myself support Bernie. You just know he won’t have any scandals or things wich distract the attention from the real issues.

But the choice on the other side is an even terribler one. We all know who i am talking about. Donald Trump would be worse in a way Clinton could never be even if she wanted to. Being racist and making stupid proposals doesn’t make you a good president.

So, even though you may not like Hillary Clinton, i would still strongly advise you to vote for her in November. 

So you won’t make the historic mistake of not voting or voting for Donald Trump just because you didn’t like the way things went in the primary’s last year.

You simply can’t afford yourself the chanche of an Trump presidency.

Elias Marseille  


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